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Swamp Fox Country

Great and Aford Golf Packages

By Todd Wolff

Swamp Fox Country is truly one of South Carolina's best golf vacation spots. Come relax in one of the most beautiful and unhurried areas of our country. We offer 30 outstanding golf courses to play where golf is enjoyed year round and ...the sun always shines!

In 1973, a tourism group area invited sports writers from Canada and some of the northern states to come to experience the area. The writers went home with wonderful memories of southern hospitality and good golf offered at a very reasonable rate. The stories that appeared in their publications gave Swamp Fox Golf Packages a tremendous boost and started the ball rolling.
Swamp Fox Golf's mission has always been to offer a golf package that would fit everyone's budget and offer facilities that are top flight but uncrowded and unhurried, in an atmosphere of southern living at its finest.

Where Did The Name Come From?
The name stems from General Francis Marion, a sly-guerrilla warrior who mercilessly harassed the British during the Revolutionary War and a native to this part of SC. He and his band of patriots would wait tirelessly in the swamps and ambush the unsuspecting British troops, disrupting Redcoat operations in the Carolinas. He was tagged the "Swamp Fox" by his British adversary, Sol. Banister Tarlatan.

One of Gen. Francis Marion's soldiers, Col. Lempel Benton, is a direct descendent of the Young Brothers, the developers of these properties. So to honor the proud and glorious heritage, the name "Swamp Fox" was incorporated into these facilities.

Sample Package
Enjoy 5 fabulous days of unhurried golf with 5 wonderful nights relaxing by the Jacuzzi at Swamp Fox Golf!

Arrive on a Sunday and spend a lazy afternoon sunning by the pool then settle in for a comfortable nights rest at
The Ramada @ Young's Plantation. Monday morning, wake to a delicious home-cooked southern breakfast
and for the next 5 days... think of nothing but the color GREEN!

Golf At The Following Courses:
* The Traces Golf Club
* Darlington Country Club
* Fox Creek Golf Club
* Hartsville Country Club
* Oakdale Country Club

Price: $330 pp
Valid July 15th - September 30th, 2011

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